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About famous realtor once said, "A good house smiles from the street," and this is certainly true of the houses in The Parkersville Collection. They not only smile but also invite you up onto the front porch to come inside. This group of cottages, bungalows, small houses and larger homes are like the ones people yearn for when they remember their childhood. They arouse an emotional connection that is missing in many of the modern designs being built today.

The Parkersville Collection homes were all originally built in a National Historic District on Isle of Hope, a rural coastal island near Savannah, Georgia. Builder Magazine has noted that the "houses are virtually indistinguishable from the existing island homes." Now these authentic Parkersville home designs are available to you at a fraction of the cost for a custom-designed older style home.

Therein lies its charm: refreshingly spare design that appeals
with pleasing proportions, not fussy decoration"
~ William L. Nolan, Senior Building Editor, Better Homes and Gardens    
hese homes demonstrate that it is indeed possible to recreate that special ambience. The Parkersville Collection has receivedSample of historic style house plaudits from the National Wood Council, The American Institute of Architects, Better Homes and Gardens, Old House Journal and many others. These awards recognize that the Parkersville homes genuinely capture the timeless "look and feel" of older homes while meeting the varied needs of the modern family.

"The houses are a showcase of rural designs that once dotted our Southern coasts and traveled across the country with Western settlement. Styles include vernacular versions of Victorian, Greek Revival, French colonial, Craftsman and folk cottages
that are so simple they have no style name."
~Donald J. Berg, AIA Author, The Backroad Home
ach house varies in size and layout, from 1260 sf to 3760 sf, and from one to three floors high. Bedrooms might all be upstairs, all downstairs or on both floors. All houses have plenty of storage, modern kitchens and baths. Most have fireplaces and walk-in closets.
     Experience has shown that there is much involved with finding local architects and builders who can, from "scratch", create houses that capture an authentic "old" look. Consequently, many people have taken advantage of our designs' flexibility by purchasing blueprints and having them modified locally to meet their individual needs. If desired, our firm can also make custom modifications to any of the plans. For more information, click Common Questions in the menu above or call our toll-free number: 1.800.383.2677.