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Each home plan includes:

  • Six complete sets of drawings.
  • Elevations of each façade.
  • 1/4" scale drawings of each floor.
  • Wall section, plus wall, floor, and roof framing plans.
  • Electrical plan for each floor.
  • Suggested finish schedule.
  • Detail page with important design features, such as porch rail and posts, eaves, banisters with baluster, paneling, bookshelves, and mantles.
  • Foundation plan. (All plans specify a pier foundation. Other foundation types, such as a full basement, must be provided by local design consultants.)
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Porch Plans (3 sets) $85.00
The Parkersville Collection houses have prominent porches, side porches, front porches, rear porches, and two-story porches. We have developed a unique construction method, which creates strong structural support, simple architectural lines, and cost efficiency. Plans include different balustrade designs and column details. A porch’s roof is particularly important in creating a timeless look. Proper materials and construction methods help produce a noteworthy finished product. Construction notes are included to help guide the carpenter through each step.
Paneling (3 sets) $85.00
The high cost of today’s labor can make the old construction methods of interior paneling cost-prohibitive. Yet the public’s taste for paneling is now revived, especially light painted wood. The Parkersville Collection makes use of a variety of paneled interiors. Consequently, we have developed a cost-efficient method of producing paneled walls. This method is clearly explained on the drawings. Several types of wainscoting are illustrated, along with a detail of a beamed ceiling. A fully drawn open staircase, including a specially designed, easy-to-make handrail, is part of the package.
Fences (3 sets) $85.00
White picket fences are as alluring as apple pie cooling on a windowsill. Fences are an intricate part of period architecture. They delineate property lines and define space into comprehensible areas. Our fence drawings illustrate numerous styles of pickets, posts, both single and double gates finishing touches which make a building a home. A drawing is included for a unique fence which can be built to heights up to eight feet. Thorough construction notes outline efficient building methods.
All three (@ 3 sets each) $200.00
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NOTE: Purchase is final for all house plans and additional elements plans. Since they are reproduceable refunds for plans are not possible.


Mechanical and plumbing plans are not provided. These plans should be obtained from local contractors or designers to assure compliance with the applicable mechanical and plumbing codes in the purchaser's geographic area, as well as provide the system types most suitable to the purchaser's needs.

Materials are sometimes suggested. However, material selection can radically affect the cost of construction. The suggestions are merely intended to help guide the purchaser toward a finished look, consistent with The Parkersville Collection.

Reverse plans can be ordered. These plans all have backward numbers and lettering. One set of unreversed plans is always included to help avoid confusion. Extra plans can be ordered within sixty days of initial purchase. All requests for additional plans of the same house after that time are considered new purchases and will only be sold at the plan package price. All plan sales are final and no returns or exchanges are offered. It is incumbent upon the purchaser to make certain that the plans ordered are suitable for construction in the desired location.

All plan prices are F.O.B. Plans shipped upon receipt of payment in full for plans ordered, plus applicable shipping charges. Please refer to the Mail Order Form for further details.

These plans are for the exclusive use of the purchaser and resale or reuse is expressly prohibited without the written consent of the sellers. These plans are sold "as is" and "with all faults." All implied and express warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby negated, excluded and disclaimed. The façade elevations included in the drawings do not necessarily reflect all of the architectural details seen in the photographs accompanying the floor plans in this book.

It should be recognized that consultation with the following local professionals is required to assure that these plans meet the demands and requirements of the local environment, area, law, codes and ordinances which pertain to the purchaser's building location:

  • Architect or professional building designer.
  • Professional consulting civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, and geotechnical engineers.

It is the purchaser's responsibility to seek qualified, professional review of these plans and complete inspections of the building during construction and upon completion to assure the safety of the building and its occupants and to certify compliance with local codes. By purchase and acceptance of these plans, the purchaser expressly accepts responsibility for the consultations and inspections recommended herein and expressly agrees to hold the sellers of these plans harmless from any and all injuries, claims and liability which may result from construction or implementation of these plans or which may occur upon the premises during or after completion of construction.