Portfolio of Homes

Our Portfolio is a complete package designed to give you all the necessary information about our unique collection of homes. Because these homes are actually built and lived-in, the designs have been tested and we can offer accurate photos and descriptions of each house. This Portfolio makes it easy to find the perfect home for your lifestyle. Each Portfolio is packaged in its own handy durable case.

Portfolio of Historic Homes The package includes:

  • 14 oversize Plan Sheets - one for each house (see below).
  • 4-page deluxe Parkersville Collection brochure with 11 additional collection pictures.
  • An order sheet for final blueprints, containing more information and 6 additional collection pictures, order cards and envelopes.
  • Over 75 pictures of the actual houses.

Back Side Contains Descriptive Information

he 14 home plan sheets are oversized for easy viewing and individually trimmed so you can make side-by-side comparisons.
- Each sheet includes:
- Large Perspective House Rendering
- Architect Drawn Floorplans
- A Complete Walk-Through
- Description Of The Home
- Actual Exterior and Interior
- Photographs of The Built Home
- Square Footage
- Exterior Dimensions

Sneak peak of historic house plans portfolio Take a sneak peak of example homes

ALL FOR ONLY $28.50 including shipping

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